Interior Design Concept with Plants

Houses and nature is something can’t be separated from human life. The house where we are resting and socializing, and nature reflects the natural energy as source of life. If houses and plants are designed as a harmonious whole, so residents can get the energy of life. Home and plant aims to increase overall value of the space both exterior and interior.
Good composition of plant will bring a natural aesthetic element to your home. Plants as life object giving spirit at home. Plants are placed in a room can neutralize air pollution and also bring tranquility for the residents.
The following images are the green walls designed by Green Fortune. A great concept of green walls and can be inspiration for you who looking for plants concept to your home.

5 Tips & Tricks To Remodel Your Home Interior

Decorate a house so cozy livable not have to be expensive and exclusive. There are several tricks that you can apply to your home with amazing results.  There are some simple ways to turn a new home decor, unique and warm.
1. Include pop color
List the most important thing is to include the colors pop in the room decor. When you do not want to change the room to its extreme, try entering the small accents on the covers, sofa cushions or behind the sofa hanger.

Luxury Bathroom Design as Prestige for Your Self

Elegant and fresh, this is the first impression if your view the bathroom designed by Delpha. Fresh impression will be more apparent when you are inside. With bright colors and luxurious design concept will make your life seemed revives. This luxury bathroom will be a momment that pamper you after work.
Scratches art works with bright colors that appear to make luxury and elegance bathroom. I think with it is bathroom design can provide your own prestige. Obviously you can do variety activities such as reading, spa even whirlpool, in addition to basic functions of bathroom is bathe.